Membership Benefits

When we set out to create Assist Rewards we had one purpose in mind, to make day to day essentials more affordable. Below is a list of just some of the benefits your membership brings.

Save with Reloadable Retail Cards – Up to 15% Cashback

Reloadable Retail Cards is a unique feature of membership. From the website you can order cards from over 20 major high street retailers including Asda, Sainsbury's, Boots, B&Q and Comet. Once you receive your cards you activate them on-line and load cash. Each time you load your cards your cashback account gets instantly credited with a percentage of the load ranging from 5% to 15%. Furthermore you can load your cards time and time again. Cards can then be used in-store like any other payment method and you still benefit from any promotions or loyalty scheme.

Discounted Retail Vouchers – Up to 10% Discount

Another way to save in-store is to use the website's range of discounted high street and supermarket vouchers. Discounted vouchers are also ideal for those high value purchases where you want to have the item in your hands before you buy it. You just need to get your vouchers in advance to make sure you don't miss out on your discount. Vouchers can then be used in-store as payment and you still benefit from any promotions or loyalty scheme. It's like buying discounted cash!

Save with online discounts – Up to 50% Discount

Whether it's an impulse buy or something you've had your eye on for a while, you'll know there is a great saving to be made online when you see the mouse icon above. Your online discounts come in a couple of forms which you'll see in the offer's description. You can save by entering the special discount code provided once you've linked through to the retailer's online store and you can also use offer links that have the discount applied automatically. Either way, there are some fantastic discounts available and in some cases, cashback is also on offer so you can get double the benefit.

Save with cashback – Up to 50% Cashback

We think that cashback is king and that's why we've collected hundreds of cashback partners who give you a great range of cashback offers that really let you get something back for shopping online. The retailers pay us a commission and, unlike any other cashback scheme, we pass 100% of this on to you. You could get a fixed amount paid back or even a percentage of your purchases dependant on the retailer, just follow the instructions on the offer page and shop online as usual. The cashback will soon appear in your account where you're free to transfer it to a bank account, save it for big purchase events (i.e. holidays or Christmas) or load it to your retail cards (see above).

Save even more with cashback plus – Up to 10% discount and 25% Cashback

Many of our cashback partners have additional offers including money off or a percentage discount. This means you can get the additional offers plus the cashback. As with cashback, retailers pay us a commission and we pass 100% of this on to you. The cashback will soon appear in your account where you're free to transfer it to a bank account, save it for big purchase events (i.e. holidays or Christmas) or load it to your retail cards (see above).

Save when shopping by phone – Up to 50% Discount

Some of the website's discounts are available by phone. Look out for the phone discount icon above and you'll find instructions on how to get your discount over the phone. You will usually have to quote a special code to get your discount so give them a call and you could be amazed with how much you could be saving.

Print & Save Vouchers – Up to 50% Discount

Print & Save is a unique feature which allows you to print vouchers for a wide range of retailers and restaurants that offer amazing discount of up to 50%. Vouchers can be printed time and time again so you can enjoy the savings not once but as many times as you like. The vouchers can be used in a variety of different retailers and restaurants across the UK. The Assist Rewards team are constantly looking for new offers so regularly check this feature for great deals.

Save on limited time offers

There are a number of offers on your website that are available for a limited time only. You can find these wherever you see the icon above and will find the full details of the offer and when it ends on the retailer's page. We are always adding new special offers to replace those that expire so keeps your eyes open as you browse the Assist Rewards website.


Lotto gives you the chance to win an amazing £1,000 every month. All you have to do is choose your lucky Lotto numbers and keep your fingers crossed. The winner(s) will be announced on the website and if there's no winner, the Lotto prize fund will roll over to the next month. The date of the next Lotto draw and the previous month's Lotto numbers are shown on the Assist Rewards homepage. The Lotto is free to enter.


All our competitions are regular fun and free-to-enter where there are some fantastic prizes to be won. Competition winners are chosen at random and will be contacted shortly after the entry deadline. The lucky winner could be you!

My Events

Another great feature is My Events, a useful little tool where you can add your special events, anniversaries, birthdays etc to your personal calendar. You'll receive a helpful reminder email in plenty of time for you to choose the perfect gift and save money at the same time.